Find your next marathon challenge

We provide an up to date list of races in the UK and around the world, particularly those focused on that all important half marathon or marathon preparation.

The links below show relevant information on the races such as their date, start time, cost of entry, course details, registration deadline and the maximum number of people running. All the handy details you need when picking your next race. We also tweet each week on races that are running soon, follow us on Twitter @racelists.

Despite Covid-19 some running races are going ahead but with new restrictions in place. For example there is the Running GP at Goodwood Motor circuit that is offering distances from 5k to the marathon on Sunday 27th September 2020.

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There are also details on the site about training for a marathon, including training plans for both the half and full marathon. These plans range from sub 3 hours to 5 hour plans. For those looking to pick certain races we have an article on how to get into the marathon majors and various reviews of recent marathon races.