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UK Half Marathon Races Calendar 2021 - 2022

Above is our list of upcoming half marathons in the UK. There are a wide variety of races from smooth tarmac to rough trail and every elevation you could want. Half marathons are very popular races, which attract tens of thousands of runners across the UK. They are a large but manageable next step up in effort after running a 10k, yet it does not need the many extra hours of training needed to complete a full marathon. The jump from 10km to a half marathon is defintely an easier jump than the one from half marathon to marathon. That said half marathons form the perfect training ground for those looking to run the full 26.2 mile distance.

Good luck with your chosen event whichever it maybe! Many events are still going ahead and organisers have put into place excellent Covid-19 procedures to make sure the events are as safe as they can be. Follow us on Twitter @racelists for some running inspiration.