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10 Mile Races for Half Marathon Preparation 2024 - 2025

If you are looking to complete your first half marathon and you've already cracked a 10K then a 10 mile race is the perfect 'next step' or 'middle ground' before you fully take the plunge. Use our race pace calculator to work out your own pace for the race.

For seasoned half marathon runners, a 10 miler is a useful tempo run at close to your race speed which gets you 'race ready'. There will be a slow drop off in your half marathon pace compared to the ten but the 10 mile race helps you to know where that boundary is between pushing too much and not enough.

Or, if you've covered the more popular distances, why not opt for a 10 miler, something a little different to add to your running portfolio. The 10 mile race is one that is very well established in the running calendar.