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Race Date Mon 30th May 2022

Race Status Race Going Ahead
Race Start Time: 09:15
Running Surface: Road
Route Undulation: Flat
Timing Method: Chip
Number Collection: Posted
Distance Markers: Miles
Max Number: 800
Race Goodies:
Race medal available Free race t-shirt
Entry On Day: No
Race Cut Off Time: TBC
Use Headphones: Bone conduction only
Race Location: Lincolnshire
Race Entry Cost: £20.00
Race Status: Race Going Ahead
Race Format: 1 Lap
Entry Cost

Unaffiliated: £20.00
Affiliated: £18.00

Where is the race?

The race is located in Boston, United Kingdom.

Can I wear headphones at the Boston Half Marathon?

Bone conduction only.

Is the race still going ahead?

Race Going Ahead

Change is always possible, please contact the race organiser to confirm this at: [email protected]

What is the maximum allowed time to complete the race?

The maximum time allowed is unknown, sorry.

Race Entry Information
Boston Half Marathon Race Entry

The website organising the Boston Half Marathon is

Race Description:

The UK Boston Half Marathon in 2021 is meant to be one of the flattest in the country. The race takes place on the Sunday preceding the running of the more famous and more difficult to get entry into Boston, Massachusetts USA marathon and after the start of the full marathon.

Race Information

It is a road half marathon and completely flat all along the course. Starts at Boston Market place and ends at Boston College. There are 9 drink stations on route, also portable toilet facilities approximately every 2.5 miles. We also offer free physio advice at the finishing point.  The goody bag includes a techincial T-Shirt and medal and this is all for a price of £20. The race numbers pack will be sent out after registration closes.

Can I wear headphones at the Boston Marathon?

This is the official advice 'Boston Marathon permit only Bone Conduction headsets (eg Aftershokz sport headphones).  They must not cover the ears or otherwise occlude external sounds.'

What is the flattest marathon in the UK?

Surely this honour has to fall to the Boston marathon, their website claims to have only 21 feet of elevation gain and a very flat course as can be seen from this course elevation profile below. From looking at various strava data we found the average elevation gain to be more like 166 feet but this hands down beats the claim of the Manchester marathon to be the flattest marathon in our opinion. Strava shows the Manchester marathon to have an elevation of 532 feet

Boston Half Marathon Route Map

Boston Half Marathon Route Map

Boston Half Marathon Route Elevation

Flattest marathon in the UK