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Race Date Sun 10th Jul 2022

Race Status Race Going Ahead
Race Start Time: 09:30
Running Surface: Roads And Paths
Route Undulation: Flat
Timing Method: Chip
Number Collection: Posted
Distance Markers: Miles
Max Number: 600
Race Goodies:
Race medal available Free race photos
Entry On Day: Unknown
Race Cut Off Time: TBC
Use Headphones: Bone conduction only
Race Location: Monmouthshire
Race Entry Cost: £26.00
Race Status: Race Going Ahead
Race Format: 4 Lap
Entry Cost

Unaffiliated: £26.00
Affiliated: £24.00

Where is the race?

The race is located in Chepstow, United Kingdom.

Can I wear headphones at the Chepstow Racecourse Half Marathon?

Bone conduction only.

Is the race still going ahead?

Race Going Ahead

Change is always possible, please contact the race organiser to confirm this.

What is the maximum allowed time to complete the race?

The maximum time allowed is unknown, sorry.

Race Entry Information
Chepstow Racecourse Half Marathon Race Entry

The website organising the Chepstow Racecourse Half Marathon is

Race Description:

The Chepstow Racecourse Half Marathon course is run inside the racecourse on the roads and paths, not on the grass. Each mile is accurately marked out and we have plenty of helpers to keep you quite literally on track and encourage you on your way to that chequered flag finish.

The race involves laps around the course - it is flat and quick. There will be 1 lap for the 5k, 2 laps for the 10k and 4 laps for the Half Marathon.

Chepstow Racecourse Half Marathon Route Map

Chepstow Racecourse Half Marathon Route Map