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Hoka Clifton 8 vs Clifton Edge

I like the Clifton series from HokaOneOne, I think it's their best shoe range and has been a stalwart from when they first appeared on the scene. The latest incarnation is really good, I prefer it to the Clifton 7 which seemed to have a slightly smaller toe box when I got my usual size and my big toe felt a little cramped. The Clifton Edge also suffers from a tighter toe box with much less toe wiggle room than the Clifton 8 and even the Clifton 7.

The Clifton 8 has a plusher feel than the Edge in our opinion, the ride is definitely a softer more comfortable one as is normal with earlier versions of the Hoka Clifton and it just feels like a superior shoe, the materials used feel higher quality.

We thought the Clifton Edge would be really similar to the Clifton 8 but it isn't. A much firmer sole gives a bit of a harder ride although this may also lead to improved shoe durability. The main concern to our feet was the cramped toe box, not really in the length, it's just that it does not feel there is as much height in there which cause the big toe to feel a bit nipped. Perhaps the next iteration of the Edge will resolve this but for now we are sticking to the Clifton, again...!