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Our Recommended Running Books

Here is a selection of the running books we have read that are related to running and would recommend as good reads. They are a mix of providing inspiration to run and run better and actual practical advice for achieving your goals.

Pile of books

Running the Dream
One Summer Living, Training, and Racing with a Team of World-Class Runners Half My Age

This is an inspirational book that still gives hope of achieving of those ever elusive personal best times even as we begin to age. Matt is in his mid 40s but applies all the methods the elites use to improve himself.  For us it was a really good read; perhaps a little egotistical at times (only our opinion) but it's the back story of Matt's acquaintances that make it really enjoyable.  Plus there are a few nuggets of useful running drills and exercises thrown into the mix.  

Marathon Wisdom
An Elite Athlete's Insights on Running and Life

This is an excellent guide from one of the UK's best ever marathon runners, Mara Yamauchi - it gives an elite's perspective on what really counts when it comes to running your best marathon time and contains a host of other useful advice.

26.2 Miles to Happiness
A Comedian’s Tale of Running, Red Wine and Redemption

A funny account of comedian Paul Tonkinson's attempt to break 3 hours for the marathon and all the trials and tribulations involved in getting there. It is semi autobiographical in nature with plenty of anecdotes starting from his upbringing in Yorkshire.  There are some real laugh out loud moments... our recommendation is not to read it on an airplane or a busy area if you're alone... you might get some odd glances as you chuckle away... 

The Man Inside the Machine
The Approved Biography of Steve Edwards, One of the World's Most Successful Multi-Marathon Runners

Steve Edwards is aiming to complete 1000 (yes 1000!) marathons with an amazingly fast average. This books details his journey from the start and is just the most inspirational book.  

Hansons Marathon Method
Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way

The book relates the Hansons method of training for a marathon where as a brief overview our long run is only 16-18 miles but you run them on tired legs. It's an alternative way to the more traditional longer long run prgorams that are out there.

The Brave Athlete
Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion

In this book Simon Marshall talks about overcoming your own constraints by analysing what is going on in your brain that is a continuing echo from our evolutionary past.

Faster Road Racing
5K to Half Marathon

World renowned coach Pete Pfitzinger guides you through programs that are easy to follow that give you all the detail you will need to improve that next race perfromance.