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Create a manual interval workout on your iFit treadmill

Create a manual interval workout on your iFit treadmill

Manual workouts can be created from the website. This is best done on a desktop as it's easier to see what is going on. For example you may want to create a 12 x 200m interval session as we show below. To begin the process go into the menu at the top and go to Create -> Distance Based Workout and enter the name for your workout and the distance.

You can also add further information about the session if you want, which can prove to be useful down the line, for example you might want to put in something about the pace e.g. intervals at 9mph which translate to 6:40 minutes/mile. This takes you to the page where you can create your intervals.

running on treadmill

create interval session on treadmill

This can take a little of getting the hang of but after creating the first one you will find the second so much quicker. The method is basically to click somewhere off the red line to create another interval point in the workout and then drag the mouse to select the speed and distance which the interval should last - in this case I chose 0.12 miles which is just under 200m but 0.13 is just over. When you are happy with it you can then select the incline for the workout which I set to 0.5%.

Interval workout confirmation screen 

When you have created the workout I could not find a way to go back and edit it so make sure it's correct before saving.  To view your created workout just go to Menu -> Workouts and then to the 'Created' tab. From there you can select to do the workout by adding it to your schedule or it can be deleted (but not edited!).

created workout