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Move to Earn

There is an interesting concept in cryptocurrency called move-to-earn (also known as M2E). The basic premise of this is to walk, jog or run steps that are recorded on your mobile device and these steps are converted into a token that can then be stored in a wallet. There are various tokens in this wide and ever growing ecosystem that are providing this facility.

As a caveat there is no financial advice here just a brief introduction to the world of Move To Earn tokens.


Stepn app logo

Stepn is one of the most interesting apps out there and has built out their product more than others. While the token runs on other chains we will just consider the Solana chain for this example. In order to accumulate the token involved which is called GST you must walk, jog or run steps and these steps must be outside as the app uses your GPS position to record your activities. Using this app on a treadmill will not work!

Also in order to gain GST you must own an NFT pair of trainers / sneakers that can be purchased from the online store in the app. The shoes have various attributes which will be discussed in a later more detailed blog. Once you have the pair of shoes - be they walkers, joggers, runners or trainers you can start to earn GST. Each category of shoes have their own optimised speed for use. For example joggers are to be used between speed of 4-10 kph. 

Depending on the amount of shoes you earn you will get an activity time amount each day for which you will be able to earn GST. The GST earned can be exchanged into other tokens but is also needed to repair trainers as using the trainer starts to break them down - a factor named as resilience in the game.

To get started you need to have an activation code which can be found in various places, discord can be a useful place to start. We also occasionally put up stepn activation codes, try this one 88659456.

2. Sweatcoin

sweatcoin app

This token has not launched fully yet and so is not on exchanges it but it could launch in the near future. Users earn Sweatcoin by the amount of steps they accumulate each day up to a maximum of about 10,000. There are also extra ways to earn sweatcoin by watching ads. In addition there is a 20 minute boost mode each day where you can earn double steps. Indoor and treadmill steps are counted by this app, there is no need to be outside.

To get started please consider using our referal link

3. Step App (FITFI)

step app

Step is a development protocol for FITFI (Fitness Finance) and the Step app is the first app on this protocol and at the moment is in an early stage. At the moment you can collect fat points each day and at some point you will be able to convert the fat points into kcal by burning fitfi. If you want to look further into the app please conside using our referal code NPBVST93.

4. Walk With Step

walk with step app

There are Android and Apple apps and you will receive your reward for steps walked in the BNB token on the BSC chain. There is a maximum of 30,000 steps a day that count towards receiving the BNB. In order to start receiving the token users must own around 22,000 (at the time of writing) of Step token which can be purchased on pancakeswap.

5. Dotmoovs

dotmoovs logo

This uses more varied activites to earn their own toekn, MOOV such as freestyle footable and dance. Referral code aHgmlWCK

Other notable developments in this space are Genopets and Runblox.