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What will be the next World Marathon Major?

There are currently 3 candidate cities. These are Sydney, Sanlam Capetown marathon in South Africa and Chengdu marathon. Chengdu is is the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan province. They are in a 3 year process after which one of these will become the 7th marathon major. There are only three candidate spots are available and the races will need to meet strict conditions  to become an Abbott World Marathon Major with a focus on participation, organization, certification, sustainability and legacy.

Learn more about Sydney's candidacy to become the 7th marathon major


London marathon runners

The current six majors marathons are London, Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo. It's possible to get into these races via their ballots, by fundraising and having a good for age time. If you want to know about the qualifying standards for these major marathons we have an article to getting a time qualifying place for a marathon major

berlin marathon