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Race Calculators

Did you know that we have a dedicated page for race and health calculators? Helping you on your running journey and a focus towards that all important PB. (If you're in the States, that'll be a PR to you.)

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Calculating your own race pace:

You're feeling confident, you've decided to spread your wings and go overseas to do your next half marathon or marathon; but oh no! realisation hits and the course will be set with kilometre markers and not miles.
Trying to figure our your race pace when you're used to working in miles can be a little tricky ... How fast could you go? More importantly, can you actually stick to that pace when it comes to your race day?

But what about our European neighbours? What happens when you arrive in Britain or the USA for your race and mon dieu, you're used to running in kilometres and not miles?

Don't panic fellow travellers (that's travelers for you Stateside folk), our ace race pace calculator on our calculators page does it for you. You can plan your race pace based on your mile/km training and work out your mile or your kilometre splits. Cool eh!

Race-pace band:

Race Pace Band


This is one for you creative types and the old school amongst us … but is a useful tool for race-day. Using our race pace calculator, you can calculate your mile or kilometre splits, pop them into a list and then print out, cut out and wrap it around your wrist as an easy reference. This can be used for all distances, but is really useful for the marathon in particular. (Don't forget to make it waterproof.)

Race start date calculator:

You know the date of your race and you have various training plans in mind, but which one do you choose? Should it be the 8 week, 10 week, 12 week or even 16 week plan? Using our cool little handy tool you can work out the start date of each training plan, thus leaving you either time to relax or hot foot it outside the door as your training should have already started.

Maximum heart rate finder:

Many training plans today are focussed towards using heart rate as a gauge. In order to do this it's useful to know what your theoretical maximum heart rate is. You can use another of our handy tools to do the calculation for you on our calculators page - hooray!